Software Solutions

Through our corporate office in Farmington Hills, MI and our branch offices in Singapore and India, VSSI confidently provides quality software solutions to meet the mission-critical IT needs of our clientele.  At VSSI we gauge commitment and value through every one of the high quality IT solutions we provide next to each of each of the solid, long-lasting relationships we build.

BPM & SOA Strategy

In today’s competitive environment many companies are constantly merging, consolidating and striving to uncover new growth opportunities. Therefore the business leaders are recognizing the value that comes from working more closely with IT professionals and with the growing adoption rate of a service-oriented architecture (SOA) strategy, more and more organizations are realizing that the alignment of IT and business delivers tangible results and significant returns in terms of productivity, competitive advantage and cost savings.

However, to seize these new opportunities and realize the benefits that can be derived from an SOA, companies need to streamline their business processes and eliminate the re-creation of the wheel that too often happens when an organization and its technology resources are locked into silos. So for today’s organizations as they aim to more effectively and efficiently compete in an ever-changing marketplace. This growing need has led to the rise of the business process management (BPM).

BPM solution will take existing processes, streamline them to meet business goals and, ultimately, impact the bottom and top lines in a positive way. The value of BPM is further evidenced by the results that can be realized from business and IT working more closely together. One of the most significant benefits is the fact that BPM helps to put business process control in the hands of business managers. By providing decision-makers with up-to-date business information, BPM allows them to make better decisions immediately without relying on IT support. BPM is growing in popularity and is complementary to SOA due to its ability to help make business processes more efficient and effective while enabling an organization to more easily adapt to changing business requirements. BPM based on SOA is technology’s response to the growing demand for a flexible business environment that is not hindered by application silos.

So when business processes are automated, streamlined and supported by a strong SOA governance framework, BPM can deliver on its promise of transforming IT processes to dynamically adapt to business needs. For these reasons, BPM is being widely embraced. In fact, analysts state that the BPM tools market will exceed by $3 billion in the near future and also according to Gartner Research, Service-oriented architecture (SOA) will be used in more than 50 percent of new mission-critical operational applications and business processes designed in 2007 and in more than 80 percent by 2010.


  • Ensure consistency throughout the enterprise, especially with regard to compliance.
  • Optimize processes for maximum efficiency.
  • Automate manual processes to reduce time-consuming administrative tasks.
  • Integrate complex, redundant processes.
  • Mitigate risks through a single, unified view of the organization.

From several years of industry experience VSSI has built a successful practice implementing BPM & SOA solutions to many customers and has identified that the powerful combination of BPM to streamline business processes within an SOA strategy will help position companies to become industry leaders while ensuring they are poised for continued success. For this to happen, VSSI  has developed a strategy where the business processes become independent of specific information resources and specific task automation applications

VSSI’s BPM & SOA strategy enables agility to business by architecting business infrastructure services and orchestrating business processes through middleware, process management and process enabling technologies. Our BPM provides compelling value proposition to customers by dramatically reducing process lead times, providing process transparency and reducing process costs.

At strategic level there is a need to deliver a technology platform for the business community to “Manage by Business Processes and not just by Business Transactions”. To this effect, VSSI’s innovative blend of Business Process Management (BPM) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) will be employed to deliver a network of distributed business services that can be linked together dynamically to deploy an end-to-end visible business – thereby attracting early benefits out of emerging market opportunities.

Our Model is built to be flexible with the business processes to be agile and flexible enabling organizations to respond to rapidly changing market dynamics. Our BPM solutions and services help organizations manage business risk through the use of standardized platforms and technologies which can be scaled as per business needs.