Community Involvement

Our tenet has been to provide succor when the community is struck by natural calamities. At the time of the earthquakes, tsunami and others; our employees contributed a day’s wage to the American Red Cross and the Company matched the total contribution. Similarly, the company made a contribution to the Prime Minister’s fund in India after the devastating earthquake in Latur, Maharashtra.

In VSSI we believe in “Service Above Self”. We take pride in the events that we host, causes we support, and scholarships we fund.

Green Effort:

Our new state – of – the – art office headquarters built in 2008 demonstrates a blend of modern architecture and traditional energy flows in various locations as per Feng Shui, ostensibly designed with energy saving concepts towards conserving fossil fuel. A challenging task for the design and construction company, eventually delivering a residence that conveys a welcoming feel, with an attractive tiled vestibule, entry skylight, outdoor water feature, and a salt aquarium. The technical needs of a software company are artfully blended with the attributes of energy conservation and harmony with nature.