Program Management Project

The Program Management division of VSSI is responsible for global program management services and PMI’s PMP certification training. At VSSI we strongly believe in the principle that Quality Delivery Solution is the vehicle that consistently satisfies our customers’ needs and expectations. Regardless of the technology issue, VSSI’s Program Management team connects clients with quality IT solutions by taking a consultative approach to ensure a sound proper understanding of the tasks at hand so that our customers consistently receive the very best technology solutions available.

In order to meet these needs, VSSI has developed a proprietary project implementation methodology (VED-PIM).It is based on PMI concepts.

The VSSI Continuous Quality Improvement Model (VED-CQIM) was conceptualized in order to achieve consistent customer satisfaction. This model incorporates the VSSI Quality Vision definition, VSSI Core Business Processes (CBP), and Business Critical Success Factors (BCSF) within the framework of VSSI Quality Matrix (VED-QM).

This VSSI proprietary model is cyclical. Feedback loops are integrated to encourage customer and project team suggestions/improvements on a continuous basis. This unique model drives VSSI to provide quality product and services to its customers.

Delivery Methodology

Over the course of years VSSI has developed a proprietary Delivery Methodology (VED-DM). This methodology is flexible, and not all aspects will apply to all customers, but unrivaled as a framework for success. VED-DM is a derivative of the VSSI Project Implementation Methodology (VED-PIM).

VED-DM is a series of processes for delivering projects on time, within budget, within set quality framework, in a way that keeps our clients asking us back for future work.

Details on Project Management Methodology

VSSI- Project Implementation Methodology (VED-PIM) consists of five (5) major stages – each linked to the subsequent stage through the process of pre-defined stage-wise “deliverables” and a series of subsequent well-defined project activities termed “continuation steps” in the model. Continuation steps provide continuity, direction and overview to the next stage. This project methodology rests on the foundation of the VED-Continuous Quality Improvement Model (VED-CQIM) and the VSSI –Quality Matrix (VED-QM) models.


VSSI contract professionals work on-site, off-site, offshore or on an outsourcing basis, to provide valuable assistance on projects that span the application development lifecycle in a wide range of systems and application environments. VSSI Project Managers are PMP-certified.

VSSI works closely with their customers to provide solutions that will be used everyday to achieve customers’ IT goals and maintain a competitive advantage.  In addition to unparalleled technical, functional and business knowledge, VSSI professionals have earned a reputation for teamwork, leadership, reliability and resourcefulness.

The VSSI Project Team

The composition and profile of the project team will depend on the complexity and size of the project. For every project, there will be a dedicated team comprising the following members:

  • Client Relationship Manager and or a Project Manager (For on-site projects one project manager will be assigned. Whereas for off-shore projects one Client Relationship Manager and a off-shore project manager will be assigned.
  • Functional/Technical Leader
  • Systems Analyst (s) QA & Deployment analyst (s) (For Testing & Implementation)

Off-site/Off-shore Projects

  • System study is conducted at the client site.
  • System design, development, testing and documentation are conducted at VSSI Corporate or overseas development centers.
  • System installation, integration, implementation, user acceptance and training are conducted at the client site. System maintenance and enhancements can be carried out on-site or off-site/off-shore.

Advantages of Off-shore Projects

  • Developmental costs will be reduced the range of 20 – 40% of development costs in the US.
  • Development peak-time manpower resources are provided at minimum costs.
  • No disruption to usage of computer resources at client site.
  • Project Management delegated to VSSI – Minimum time investment by senior systems officials from the client.
  • Fixed-Price Contracts – No cost/time overruns
  • Performance based payment schedule linked to actual deliverables.

Maintenance and Warranties

All VSSI turnkey software solutions come with a warranty. The warranty period commences on the completion of User Acceptance testing and covers any discrepancies from the signed-off specifications and errors or bugs. VSSI provides services for possible enhancements to the system upon request from the client.