VSSI is a Management Training Institute and a Registered Education Provider in Michigan.

VSSI was founded by experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate Program and Project Management professionals, practitioners and trainers, who value diversity and take pride in being an equal opportunity employer.

Welcome to VSSI.

Our goal is to provide clients with quality education so that they have the necessary tools for success in Project Management. We subscribe to the concept of ‘Triple Constraint’, which means that we address the needs of our participants with:

  • Innovation
  • Knowledge and
  • Dedication

By continuously enhancing our knowledge base and incorporating adult learning techniques, we ensure that our students receive a comprehensive, quality and up-to-date education, so that our students’ education correlates to the needs of the industry.

Allow the VSSI team to help you earn the invaluable training through our high-quality, customer-centric, and cost-effective services.

Our highly qualified instructors have over 15 years of professional and teaching experience in the Project Management field.  Not only are they each PMP® certified, but they have also been employed by Fortune 500 companies, so they understand the value and importance of having certified Project Managers at the workplace.  This is what makes VSSI  the leader in Software Training.

Why Us?

Thank you very much for considering VSSI as your premier management training provider. Professional Certifications are considered extremely valuable and important to professionals, practitioners and organizations.

There are so many training institutes out there in the market providing management training programs.

So, how are we unique?

We pride ourselves in assisting you in every step of the way from the start to end, until your goal of certification is achieved.

We bring to you our vast experience and knowledge in this field.  This gives you a major head start.

We are the global leaders in providing cost effective and reliable, management training provider in the industry.

Our courses are backed by VSSI ’s 100% Passing guarantee.

All our instructors hold master’s degree and possess over 15 years of professional and teaching experience in the Project Management field.

Our instructors are passionate about teaching.

You interact with VSSI ’s knowledge specialists, who will guide you through the process, rather than a sales person.

If you are looking for a true, reliable “one-stop-shop” for management trainings, and one who can assure your success, call VSSI  248.851.7400 or send us an email at

Just do not take our words, try it yourself by using our service comparison sheet.