Pay & Benefits

At VSSI we are dedicated to making life better for the people we serve. For our employees this means providing them with a comprehensive array of benefits and career development opportunities. Employees are paid for the value of his/her contribution through assigned work to the success of the company. This program should most reward employees who consistently meet or exceed their job performance expectations. Our policy is to:

  • Pay competitive salaries
  • Administer salaries and apply pay practices fairly and uniformly, with no discrimination as to sex, age, national origin, color or religion.
  • Use pay increases as a reward to high performance, as well as an incentive for sustaining this high performance.

Performance reviews occur approximately twelve months after the employee’s date of hire or last performance review. Performance increases for salaried employees who are offsite will be guided by the billing rate.

All regular salaried full time employees are eligible for annual vacation, comprehensive health insurance, company sponsored retirement benefit plan.

All employees of this company are eligible to receive a referral bonus if the candidate referred is hired for the same or similar positions the company is looking for, whether it be current openings (as listed on our website) or future openings. The referred employee must work for the company for at least six months.