Internet Solutions

Mobile & Cloud Solutions

Technology and the internet play a vital role in our daily activities and VSSI supports many e-commerce applications and solutions where the internet is designed to help users perform specific duties or activities. Each day the internet is expanding and with it our interaction with and dependence on it increases – Therefore VSSI embraces the world-wide web with a reverence toward providing quality internet solutions and applications at price points that provide significant value without sacrificing quality.

VSSI helps businesses define a unique position for their mobile solutions by providing consulting and mobile software development. The ultimate in hassle-free computing. With our mobile work forces and location independent computing needs, Cloud computing makes more sense than ever before. We are focused on delivering  mobile services around key technologies. In a rapidly growing and competitive mobile market, VSSI will guide customers through the rapidly evolving mobile technology landscape.

  • Our strengths include: iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, Windows Mobile/CE and Mobile web applications.

We work with each client to identify the best mobility strategy based on the client’s target market, budget and functionality requirements.

VSSI’s cloud solutions offer ubiquitous data access and visibility by taking an open source, standards based architectural approach to cloud creation and data sharing. We utilize the most appropriate web technologies to meet your unique goals and objectives. Our dedicated web development team knows what your customers are looking for, and just how fast they want to see it delivered with cutting edge technology.

Benefit: Pay for your applications like your utilities. Use them when you need them and turn them off when they’re not in use.

We build applications and provide consulting all while grounded in the realities of your business. Every decision and recommendation we help you make comes from the knowledge of your needs, best practices and years of experience. Our clients know the work we deliver is done with pride, passion and ownership.

VSSI is well connected to the best programmers, hardware designers and engineers in the technology industry and we develop software products in all business functional areas including, but not be limited to Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, Purchasing, Materials Management, Sales/Marketing and Operations Management.