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You have done an excellent job demonstrating the new and improved Field Manager this morning to the NA corn pilot group for RT-FTS. You have done an AWESOME job making the interface much more intuitive and performing! Keep up the excellent work, and pass along to others on the team.

I just wanted to note that you did a great job on delivering the demo for our client’s this week. You are developing a reputation for someone we can count on to deliver fast, well and with new technology.

Apart from being independent-minded and resourceful, you are responsible, competent and a fast learner. You have ensured that newly developed systems are of high quality and commit yourself to support the end-users before they are launched. We would like to put on record and appreciate your commitment towards the common organizations goal.

I am sad to report that Thy has decided to move on and will be leaving the SSPN DBA team shortly. The man with 10 “a”s in his name has been a huge factor in our success over the last couple years. Thy has provided DBA support and leadership through the R12 upgrade, the contracts and sourcing implementation, the Best Implementation, and the Hardware upgrade. We have been fortunate to have obtained the services of a DBA whose technical skills are only exceeded by his people skills. Thy, you will be missed