EMI: Electronic Medi Info

EMI, an Internet based online medical information system that enables patients, doctors, healthcare centers and commercial organizations to interact via the Internet. EMI has been designed to ease the administrative burden, reduce errors, improve productivity and ultimately improve healthcare quality.

Electronic Medical Information (EMI) facilitates a secure and efficient online administration of medical information. EMI is an electronic delivery channel that enables patients, doctors, healthcare centers and commercial organizations to interact via the internet. EMI has been designed to significantly ease administrative procedures, reduce errors, improves productivity and as a result improve healthcare quality. Using EMI, doctors can consult with patients and process prescriptions online. Billing procedures with chemists and insurance companies can also be completed online. Online services can be extended to allow interaction with participating pharmaceutical companies and laboratories.

EMI – User Interface and Technology

EMI has been developed using JAVA, JavaScript and Dynamic HTML technologies. This design is independent of specialist hardware, software and other proprietary database products. EMI employs a built-in powerful software-driven interface solution, Intelligent Data Mapper (IDM) to successfully distribute data between various EMI users.

EMI can be developed as a specialist third party Application Service Provider (ASP) solution, allowing the hosting of IT applications that are common to many different medical user groups. Users can outsource all aspects of their IT needs to EMI rather than having to invest in expensive hardware and software solutions.


  • Appointment Management
  • Patient Demographics
  • Visit Management
  • Online Insurance Claim Processing
  • Patient Accounting and Billing
  • Prescription Management
  • Patient Self-Education
  • Medical History
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Medical History Analysis
  • Financial & Non-Financial Reports
  • Security & Application Administration
  • Secured Socket Layer Protocol (SSL)
  • Multiple-level access control
  • Access Control